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Dr. Tej Prakash Akhouri

NEET Chemistry Expert

Organic Chemistry

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Mr. C Mishra

NEET Chemistry Mentor 

Physical Chemistry

NEET Chemistry Tutor: Everything You Need To Know


Chemistry NEET tutors are highly experienced & qualified professionals who help students to overcome the learning difficulties of complex chemistry topics. They can assess students' needs and strategize lesson plans accordingly.


Typically, a chemistry tutor can make chemistry learning easy & comprehensive so that students can clear the NEET exam in a single attempt. However, it also depends on the student's hard work and learning ability. Still, a NEET Chemistry tutor provides students with everything from effective study notes to homework assignments and special projects to lab exercises.


Recently, most NEET chemistry tutors are organizing their classes outside the schools so students can learn complex chemistry concepts according to their flexibility. They teach several batches daily, trying to help every student achieve their goals. A great NEET chemistry tutor is always available & ready to assist students whenever they need them.


Various coaching centers nowadays provide all subject classes to ace the NEET exam. They have top teachers who dedicatedly teach students and equally work hard with them so the students can succeed in the exam. Coaching centers are the right choice if you are looking for a one-stop solution to study all subjects efficiently. 

Who is a good chemistry teacher?


Great NEET chemistry tutors are proficient in demonstrating various complex topics of chemistry. They should establish a strong communication bridge between them & students so that no students feel hesitant to ask their doubts.


Therefore, not only does chemistry tutor has sufficient experience & qualifications, but they must equip with organizational & interpersonal skills which help students gain the expected results. 

What Does a Chemistry Tutor Do?


NEET Chemistry involves three important parts; organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. A chemistry tutor can help students cover the entire chemistry syllabus effectively & efficiently. Only a subject expert can prepare students thoroughly to secure good exam marks.


Students have to score 720 marks for a hundred percent success in the exam. The NEET exam contains one hundred eighty questions, out of which the NEET chemistry part includes forty-five questions of 180 marks. Therefore, it becomes crucial to prepare well for NEET Chemistry.


How To Become a NEET Chemistry Tutor?


If you choose to become a NEET Chemistry tutor, you will get the qualification accordingly. Most chemistry tutors have bachelor's degrees, while some have master’s degrees. They must have experience teaching chemistry for various competitive exams along with a degree.


Only an expert & experienced Chemistry tutor can be a great NEET Chemistry tutor as they know the syllabus, exam format, and the trick to crack the exam in easy & quick ways.  


It is necessary to know the syllabus of the exam as it is a key component to passing any exam successfully. Once you know the syllabus, you can divide it and prepare it accordingly. Also, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is tougher than any other competitive exam.

How to deal with the stress of NEET exams?


Since NEET exams are very tough to clear, students might feel stressed. Therefore, they must know how to deal with the stress effectively; otherwise, it will affect the student’s progress directly. 


Here, we have discussed the important tips to deal with stress, such as;

1. Strategize Everything:


Every student should take the primary and most important step while studying for the NEET exam. This tip works best for the NEET exam and can help in important competitive exams. It is so because the syllabus of the NEET Exam is vast & tough, requiring an effective study plan.

2. Set Preferences:


Students should set priorities. Figure out the most important chapters to prepare for the NEET exam from each subject and make them their priorities.


Prepare those chapters the best so that if the questions from the respective chapters appear in the question paper, you can keep marks.

3. Set Weekly Goals:


Don't just stick to one study material; complete it and hop on to another.


Do this in your study planning too. Try changing your study approach now and again to keep things fresh. Prepare your planning by setting weekly goals and after achieving success with your weekly plan, switch it to a daily study timetable.

4. Take regular breaks:


Students should understand that there are better practices than studying every hour of the day. Doing such could be more productive and healthy.


Considering the level of NEET exam, it's important to work hard and give yourself a break. So that when getting back to your studies, you are ready to go.


Refresh your mind by exercising, meeting with friends, going out, having some fresh air, or anything else.

5. Talk to people about it:


Students get stressed, which is normal; preparing for an exam like NEET gets you stressed cause it demands more hard work than any normal exam.


Talking about stress is the best way of relieving it. You should discuss everything with your friends & family from time to time. Talk to anyone with whom you feel right & safe.  You can even talk to your teachers to clear the subjects and exam-related doubts.

6. Think Positive:


Have a positive attitude & mindset, as positivity brings good results. Also, it helps students tackle anxiety & stress. With a stressed mindset, you can’t achieve something big. Prepare for the NEET examination with a positive mindset, and do not get distracted by your mobile phone or other things.

7. Take Healthy Meals:


Stay healthy and eat well while preparing for NEET or any other Exams, as a healthy diet maintains your brain function positively & healthy. You can include eggs, cereals, jaggery, dried fruit, spinach, broccoli, etc; in your daily diet. Please do add vitamin-rich foods also.

8. Take enough Sleep:

Don’t think staying up all night before the exam will help, as it can make you sleep on exam day. Therefore, take sufficient rest and do well in exams.




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